5 Tips for Preparing a Healthy School Lunch

Nanny Information | 0 comments

  1. Start with the lunch box.  Choose a lunch box that can be sectioned off for different food items.  The bento lunch box is a very popular and perfect lunch box for children that do not want their food to touch.
  2. Choose a cooler lunch bag to put the lunch box into to make sure the lunch does not spoil.
  3. Have your children help prepare their lunch.  Have them pick one fruit, one vegetable, what type of sandwich, etc.  This way children eat their lunch because its filled with food they enjoy.  You can put together their lunch the night before.
  4. Choose foods that will give them energy.  School can be a long tiring day for most children, make sure what you put in their lunch is not going to slow them down.  Pack fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, or dairy.
  5. Plan and prepare in advance.  Buy, wash, cut up, or bake foods that your children will enjoy in their lunch over the weekend.  That way you can quickly pack their lunch and not feel stressed about making sure they are fed all week.