Top 5 Outdoor Activities that Kids Love!

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Go on a nature walk or hike!  Children love walking around getting fresh air, picking up sticks, or tossing stones into water.   Hiking for children has many benefits, including, exercise, building self-confidence, and exposure to wildlife.  Having the children on a trail, away from dangers, gives children a chance to roam around and discover nature all around them.  They can learn about the different flowers, trees, or bugs along the way.

Jump in puddles!  If kids see a puddle, they are tempted to jump or run through it.  Have the kids put on a pair of rain boots and have them jump or run into as many puddles as they want.  Any moment to get dirty is the perfect time for children.

Explore rocks, crabs, and shells at a beach!  Even if the weather is not warm, take the children to the beach to explore.  Dress them for the weather and have them find interesting shells and rocks.  Allow them to have a few to take home with them.  You can also go on a search for sand crabs.

Start a garden box!  Go to the store with the children and have them each pick out different seeds of vegetables or fruit to grow in their box.  Each day they can go out to the box to water them and watch them grow.  Its a great way to teach the children how fruit and vegetables grow.

Create rock art!  Find rocks along a trail, beach, or in your yard, have the children paint them to decorate the garden.  This will bring out the children’s creativity.