How to Book a Nanny Online in Napa or Sonoma County

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With my vacation Nanny there is no software to download, there are no apps to install and there is no call back to wait for. You can book a nanny directly on our website.

After you book on our website, our team finds a nanny that is a perfect match for your family.

When the nanny is located and confirmed, we send you a confirmation with the nannies profile.

Scheduling a Booking

You can visit, click on the date that you need a nanny for, select the start time that you would like the nanny to arrive and select the end time when the nanny is no longer required.

You then press the “add date & time” button to schedule that booking. You can repeat this process as many times as needed to add multiple dates. When you have scheduled the bookings that are required, you can then press the “Book Now” button and proceed to the next step.

Entering your Information

First and foremost, your privacy is a priority for My Vacation Nanny. We will never sell or share any information you enter on our website. After you have selected the dates and the times that you require a nanny, you will then need to enter your booking information.

To book a nanny, we require that you provide us with: your full name, your email, your phone number, the address the nanny will go to, the children’s names and their ages, and any needs allergies, additional comments or requirements. You must also check the box to agree to the terms and conditions of My Vacation Nanny. You may click on the text four terms and conditions to read the document in its entirety.

After all the information has been entered, press continue booking to move to next step.

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