Payments with My Vacation Nanny

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When a customer books with My Vacation Nanny, there are two different payments that are required.

The first payment is a $25 per day booking fee that is due immediately at booking. The daily booking fee is to cover administration costs for the company to maintain a high level of world-class childcare (technology, bookings, hiring, training, certifications, background checks, nanny communications, community programs, nanny placements, etc). The daily booking fee is paid with a credit card in online booking checkout system.

The second payment is when the customer pays the nanny directly at the end of each booking. This payment is made directly to the nanny because it is a priority to our company to make sure our nannies receive prompt payment for their services. We also want to make sure our nannies do not lose money due to credit card fees. In order to achieve this and streamline payments to our nannies, our company allows the customer to pay the nanny directly at the end each booking.

The payment made to the nanny at the end of each booking is made with cash or with the Venmo app. The amount paid to the nanny is for the hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours worked on that date. For example, if the nanny was booked on a non-holiday for 3 hours with 1 child ($22/hr), then at the end of that booking, the nanny would be owed $66. After you have paid the nanny with cash or by using the Venmo app, the nanny will supply you with a paper receipt for your records.

Non-payment charge: Failure to pay the nanny at the end of the booking will result in a non-payment penalty fee being charged to the credit card used for booking the appointment. The amount charged will be for the amount due to the nanny plus a $50 processing fee.

Booking Confirmation

After you have submitted your booking and paid the daily booking fee, our office administration team reviews the information you have provided. The review process checks to make sure you are located within current service area and matches your family with the perfect nanny for your childcare needs. We then confirm with our nanny that they have availability for your booking date(s) and time(s). After we receive confirmation from the nanny,  we email a booking confirmation to the customer’s email address that was entered during booking.

You can visit to book a nanny.