Take the Kids to Train Town in Sonoma

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If you are visiting or on vacation with your family in Sonoma, then Train Town should be on your list!

Located at: 20264 Broadway Sonoma, CA 95476, it is a fun place to check out!

Even from the vehicle in the parking lot, you’ll overhear excited kids yelling “Train Town! Train Town! Yay!!” as they head into the park.

This place is fun for kids!

What to Expect at Train Town

Upon entering (for free), you are met with a set of train tracks. This train runs every 20 minutes. Tickets are for sale for $7.50 each and it is well worth it. The mini-train winds and turns as it makes its way through 4 miles of track situated on 10 acres.

It takes you on bridges suspended over blue lagoons, past mini-towns and through some pretty long black-out tunnels. This train ride is something relaxing and fun that the family will enjoy! Before heading back, the train stops at a miniature town “Lakeville” that the kids can explore. It also has a petting zoo for the kids.

What to Do in Train Town

After riding the train back to the station, take the kids on a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, carousel, and/or a couple of flying airplane rides! Take a moment for a family photo on the picturesque grounds and enjoy some food from the snack bar.

For more information, checkout their website: https://www.traintown.com/