Helpful Ideas for Planning a Family Vacation in Napa Valley

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Napa Valley is a highly sought after vacation destination. Every year, over 3.5 million people travel to Napa Valley and spend nearly $2 billion within the county!

It is easy to see why Napa has such an appeal and gathers such a large number of visitors each year. There is a lot to do here, a lot to see and a lot to enjoy. So much, that one could not do it all in just a short trip.

Whether you are staying overnight or planning on a day trip, there is something for everyone in Napa. To help you make the most out of your trip, we put together a list of helpful ideas for planning a family vacation in Napa Valley.

Places to Stay in Napa Valley

From hot spring resorts to majestic vineyard views, Napa Valley offers a unique variety of different lodging accommodations.

  • For hotels in Napa Valley, there are 63 to choose from. The price varies and starts at $129 per night.
  • When it comes to vacation rentals in Napa Valley, there are over 300+ to choose from. The price varies from $62-$10,000 per night depending on where you stay. Spring, summer, and autumn are the busiest times of the year and it is recommended to book several months in advance.
  • For resorts and spas in Napa Valley, there are 25 to choose from. The price starts at $129 per night and increases with the views, amenities, and offerings of each resort & spa.
  • For bed and breakfast (B&B) inns in Napa Valley, there are 57 to choose from. The price starts at $99 per night and goes up depending on where you stay and the time of year that you visit Napa.
  • For campgrounds and RV parks in Napa Valley, there are 10 to choose from. The price starts at $40 per night.

Top Sights to See in Napa Valley

Napa Valley has some of the most aesthetically pleasing scenery in the world. When out and driving around, the landscape drastically changes with nearly every turn. The following are the top sights to see when visiting Napa Valley.

  • See the view from the top of Mt. St Helena (pictured above). This is a 5 mile, moderate hike. More:
  • The view from any of the 500+ wineries. Full list of all the wineries in Napa Valley:
  • The view from driving the Napa Valley. Amazing views of the vineyards, wineries and mountains. Depart from Napa city and head north on highway 29 to highway 128. Continue on 128 to Calistoga. Turn right on Lincoln Ave and right on the Silverado Trail which will return you to Napa city. Be sure to plan stops along the way, the fun is in the adventure along the way!
  • The view of Napa Valley from Skyline Wilderness Park. Nice 850 acre park with spectacular views. More:

5 Family Fun Activities in Napa Valley

If you are bringing your family to wine country, there is a lot you can do together! Here is a list of 5 popular family friendly activities.

Places to Eat in Napa Valley

There are over 240+ places to eat at in Napa Valley. You can enjoy a wide variety from some of the finest culinary restaurants in the world to popular parking lot BBQ, Napa has it all.

Places to Relax in Napa Valley

Some of the most renown spas are located in Napa Valley. Home to over 45+ spas, there is something for everyone.

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