STEM Gifts Under $25 for Kids

What does STEM stand for?  Science, technology, engineering, and math.   These educational toys help kids develop a wide range of skills from critical thinking and problem-solving to the basics of engineering and the scientific method.  These toys create fun and hands on learning in your home.  

The best STEM toys are active, engaging, meaningful, social and fun.  You can get your child started in these educational toys before the age of 1 year.  Anything that allows children to build, play, experiment, in different variations, will teach mathematical skills and critical thinking.  Many of these toys can be affordable and we put together a list of some of our favorite STEM toys. 

Dimpl Baby Toy


A simple push and pop toy for babies.  It encourages fine motor skills, sensory play, and cause-and-effect learning.

Suction Cups


Includes 6 colorful silicone cups with suction cups on the bottom.  Baby can stack, roll, and stick them all over the house! 

Sassy Bop A Tune Musical Drum


Press each bellow to hear a different sound.  Easy-to-press bellows invite baby to grip, grab and squish, strengthening hand-eye coordination.

Manhattan Rattle & Teether


The Winkel Rattle and Teether promotes clutching and two-handed play while the center cube with tapered corners encases a quiet but pleasing baby rattle to provide auditory stimulus.

Wood City Puzzles


Includes 4 Wooden Puzzles in the shape of a Lion, Ladybug, Bee, and Snail.  Greatly encourage the development of your child’s hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

Flower Garden Building 


Helping develop tactile,fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Kids can create tons of different flowers, great for developing their aesthetic feeling.  Flower garden building toys is easy to assemble or disassemble for toddlers independently.

Button Art Pegboard


Start by matching and snapping the mushroom nails to the illustrated pattern cards to complete the picture, then move on to creating own unique designs by only using the peg board! Let your kids have imagination time

Lacing Beads for Toddlers


The children’s beads are designed for child’s first lacing toy. The jumbo size of the sorting toys is perfect for babies and toddler little hands to handle with ease. The Lacing beads for toddlers are fine motor skills toys and easy crafts for girls and boys. 

Wooden Block Set


Melissa & Doug’s Wooden Block set includes 100 durable wooden blocks in 4 different colors and 9 shapes; it’s a classic educational toy that provides hours of hands on, screen free play and learning

Construction Engineering Set


The wooden building toy kit can be designed as you want.  By challenging children to build the robots, vehicles, machines, airplanes and so on,the stem building toy can improve children’s imagination and hands-on ability.

Marble Run


Marble run have brightly colored chutes, tubes, drop-throughs, merry-go-rounds and spinners stack and click together to create hours of engineering fun.  Especialy comes with an ejection base,you can press it to get more fun.

Solar Robot Kit


Build 14 different types of robots from just one solar robot kit. With the moving and connecting parts (included) like gears, plates, wheels and shafts to build robot that can walk, float or roll. The robot can be powered by the sun or battery (included). There is a solar panel included that transforms the solar energy into electric energy, which drives the wheel and makes the robot run.