What is a Nanny Share?

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A new trend that has become popular since the cost of childcare continues to rise is a nanny share.  What is a Nanny Share exactly?  It is when two families with similar parenting styles, hire and spilt the cost of a nanny.  

This arrangement can be difficult, you need to find not only the ideal nanny but the ideal family.  In order for a nanny share to successfully work, both families need to be on the same page with the parenting style and discpline for the children.

As parents, our children mean the most to us and we want what is best for our children.  A private nanny for a more affordable price can benefit families. Especially in the middle of a pandemic when we are all worried most about our child getting the attention and social skills they need and crave.  

Finding both a nanny and another family is not always an easy task. We put together a list of ways your family may benefit, what to look for in another family, and what to put in a nanny share contract. 

Benefits of a Nanny Share

6 month old babies in a Nanny-Share

1. Cost 

One of the biggest benefits of a nanny share is getting a qualified nanny for a more affordable rate.  In a nanny share, each family usually pays two thirds of the nanny’s usual rate.  For example, if you pay a nanny $24 per hour if hiring on your own. Then you and your nanny share family would each pay about $16 per hour for a total of $32 per hour. Make sure each family is paying at least your county’s minimium wage. You’ll also need to pay time and a half for hours worked over 40 in a week. Below are the reasons why a nanny makes more in a nanny share.

  • The nanny has to adhere to and respect each family’s philosophies/parenting styles.
  • Coordinate with two families.
  • Keep or maintain each house’s tidiness or rules. (This is if the nanny is alternating houses between the two families.)
  • Deal with kids not napping as well when not in their own bed.
  • Communicate with multiple bosses on a daily basis.
  • Coordinate holidays and vacation time with two families. 

2. Social Interaction

Another huge benefit, especially during the pandemic is social interaction for your children.  They will be able to engage with another child their own age and learn to share, social skills, imaginative play, and adaptability.   With less exposure to multiple children like in daycare, they may not become ill so often and have more adult attention for each child.

3. Time

Many families enjoy have a nanny in their home, as this reduces the amount of pick ups and drop offs.  You and your nanny share family can either decide on one of the homes for a location or alternate between the two homes.  Having a nanny in the home can be beneficial with helping with light housekeeping duties as well. 

4. Private Nanny

A nanny comes with special training and skills to help with each child’s developement.  The nanny will be able to keep your child’s rountine, be exposed to fewer germs, and give more attention to the children.


What should I look for in another family?

When you are searching for the right nanny, you look for a candidate that will fit in with your family.  The same goes when searching for another nanny share family.  Ask yourself the questions below before commiting with a family.

  • Do you share a similar parenting style? Discipline, vaccinations, rountine, and more should be considered.
  • Do you get along well with the other family? You’ll be working closely together, and if all goes well your nanny share could last for several years.
  • Do your children get along? Each family’s kids will be spending a lot of time with each other. Allow them to get together before starting your nanny share and watch how they interact.
  • Are both family’s children a similar age? Having children around the same age will help with scheduling activities, naps, meals, and developmental activities/projects.

Nanny Share Contract

Nanny with child building

A nanny share contract will give the nanny an understanding on responsibilities and expectations.  All parties should review and sign the document.  In the nanny share agreement you should include the following:


  • Work Schedule
  • Work Location
  • Hourly Pay rate, Pay day, Form of Payment, and Over-time Rate
  • Job responsibilities
  • Benefits
  • Vacation time
  • Paid Sick Time
  • Request for a two week notice if the nanny decides to quit
  • House Rules

Children can really benefit from a nanny share.  They will feel more comfortable being around the same adult and playmate as time goes one.  As long as all parties communicate well with one another a nanny  share can be great and effective way of safe, affordable, and fun childcare.