Angie P.

Hello, My name is Angie. I am 28 years old and I am from Colombia. I came to United States almost 3 years ago as an Au pair and before that I was working as a teacher in at church which was a great amazing experience. I have been taking care of kids from 4 months old to 10 years old. Part of my job is getting the kids ready for school, taking the them to school, meal prep, kids laundry, crafts, indoor and outdoor activities (park, museums, river, beach, etc). I currently work as a nanny with two amazing families taking care of two toddlers and one baby. The best part of being bilingual is to share my culture and Spanish through different activities and craft.

Working as an au pair and now as a nanny have been giving me understanding about life and happiness. Most of my experience with kids was living with them and learn about needs, behaviors, and a lot of fun. Getting engagement with the kids is always a adventure but is always gratifying seeing how these little humans are part of you heart forever.