Ashley S.

In continuing my Child Development career from babysitting at 13, going to college, becoming a Preschool Teacher, that has led me to the last 19 years of working as a Nanny for three families, as well as being a mother to my 14-year-old daughter. With the six different children including my own that have changed my life and touched my heart forever. I enjoy long term jobs and have had the privilege to bond, teach, watch them all grow, becoming a part of the family. I hope I am fortunate enough to have an influence on their futures even if it’s a tiny memory of something I taught them, the words I have used, or the experiences we shared that they will always remember. For 19 of those years, I have been an “Ash, Ashie and Ash-I-ley” and introduced proudly as a “3rd parent” In their lives the above paragraph explains what I love about being a Nanny. I strive to share these pieces of both my Preschool Teaching career and Nanny experience looping back around to a fresh new journey that is leading me to being a part of another family.