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Benjamin G.

Hi my name is Benjamin Gallegos, born and raised in California with 3 other siblings.  I have lived here all my life and recently moved to the Mill valley area. Throughout my young adult life I went to school as a performing arts major and still continuing that path to become an educator in Dance/Performing Arts.

During my days I like to be outdoors with my dog, going on a hike, finding a nice spot to take in the sun and nature, or I also like to be outdoors playing disc golf. If I’m inside I’m either cooking or painting or finding ways to keep my mind and myself busy, most likely doing something artistic.

Alongside with my dance education I have taught and trained kids from the ages of 6 to 18 and even some young adults. It has been a joy to be able to give to those who want to learn and further their skill in the area of dance. It is always a great feeling to see a child succeed in something they love and be able to apply those teachings in a class setting or on stage performing for their peers. I also have two lovely nieces whom I have had the chance to watch over and watch grow into strong, smart girls. Before my niece(s) were born I was also in high school working with special needs students and had a joy in being able to be a support for them in and outside of class. Always a great feeling to know you can be seen as a friend as well as trusted as someone they can rely on.

As kids grow I feel they learn from those whom they see as role models or even just that of the older crowd. As a  child when I saw something or someone who did art whether it be drawing, painting, dancing or just entertainment overall I was always drawn to these humans. When a child is able to express themselves through art I feel we see their true vision and what they cherish most in life. A child’s growth in mindset is always bigger than what it seems to be on the surface and I hope all children can find their path.