Celeste D.

I see children as gifts and enjoy watching them unfold into unique individuals. I’m a mother of 5 and raised my children in the Hawaian islands.  While working there I”ve had the pleasure of meeting people from all over the world and enjoy learning about many cultures.  I feel this helps me blend with families and respect individual styles of parenting.  Being surrounded by water I taught my children to swim almost before they learned to walk. I still enjoy teaching people to swim.

I’ve worked  as an assistant Montessorii teacher and am in tune with all stages of child development.  I have worked with newborns, triplets, twins and special needs children.  I’ve learned that establishing trust with both children and parents is very important to be successful with each family.

Some families have referred to me as Mary Poppins as I always bring a bag full of toys, games, crafts and surprising adventures.  My style as a parent and nanny is to be fun and firm.

I look forward to meeting your family.