Dulce H.

Hello, my name is Dulce (yes, like the ice cream haha). I’m originally from Southern California and I grew up in a Spanish/English bilingual household of five. I pursued vocal performance studies after high school and during that time I worked at a childcare center and would sometimes nanny for full weekends. I’ve particularly enjoyed incorporating music and dancing with the little ones as they are so receptive to rhythm and sound. There is so much to appreciate about children in each stage of their development and each child has something special and unique to offer.

I eventually went on to work in the Banking Industry and I continue to enjoy surrounding myself with children and of course looking after my sassy niece and adorable baby nephew. I enjoy being a part of a child’s journey even if it is for a short time.  Aside from incorporating music activities, I like to do crafts, coloring, puzzles, reading and outdoor play with the children.