Erica T.


Hi my name is Erica.  I live in nature under beautiful Redwoods of Richardson Grove and happy to travel to Geronimo to live during the work week.  

Oh my… I love infants and worked with same aged infant boys and twin girls separately.  I follow the Montessori Method and have raised my own children this way as well. I love working with infants because the earlier a Montessori-an can care for a child the more amazing the work and results are.  I basically lead them into self discipline and self mastery and watch them blossom in bodily coordination, independence, confidence and order. Young children are continually getting feedback from their surroundings. If our workspace is calm and organized, we feel more focused. The same relationship exists for babies and children but with even greater sensitivity due to their absorbent minds. Hence, preparing their space purposefully – free of excess and with a clear invitation for self-discovery.