Heather O.

After becoming a mother, child development became a passion. I took Early Childhood Education classes while obtaining my Social Behavioral A.A. degree. I worked with toddlers and elementary school aged children both in the home and school setting since 2006. I have 15 years of professional experience alongside newborn care for family in my free time. I was blessed to get a lot of experience working with children on the spectrum. Helping them with speech, OT, or self care, seeing them become more independent was but one perk of my role.

Getting kids excited about learning, hiking, and cooking, is one of my favorite parts of the job.  Aiding their awareness of the world around them, seeing them in awe of what they are capable of makes every day as a nanny rewarding. Every moment is a chance to enrich a child’s life whether it’s singing to a newborn after a nap, or naming plants and animals out on a stroll. There is much to be amazed with in this world, being a nanny helps me facilitate that joy of exploring for little ones.

With my daughter away at college pursuing a Veterinary career,  it has made me available to devote fully to live in for families that prefer it.

I love kayaking, cooking, skiing, nature walks, coloring, meditations, yoga, beach trips, roller coasters, farm/ranch life, and DIY projects.