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Jade M.

My name is Jade and I have been working as a Child Development Specialist for over 6 years. My journey started in Landstuhl, Germany with “Child and Youth Services,” under the Army. There I was trained the physical and mental development for ages 6 weeks to 21 years old. I have taken courses in everything from “SIDs Prevention,” to “Emergency Medicine Distribution.” During my time with the Army I received multiple awards and was granted my “Youth Practicum.” I have had the privilege of working with around 1,000 children from all over the world and am happy to now be providing services on the West Coast.

For the past 3 years I have been working in Napa and Solano County in partnerships with schools and after school programs with 3rd-10th grade. I’m proud to say I’ve built positive professional relationships with well over 100 families in the area along with multiple schools and am known for encouraging strong communications between children and their parents, along with helping build life skills while creating a fun and inclusive environment.

My personal interests include cooking, reading, traveling, and games. I am the second oldest of 11 children, and love coming from a large family. I’m a strong believer in apologizing to children, and that everyone can teach you something.