Julie P.


Hello, my name is Julie. I currently live and work in Napa, California; born and raised primarily in Palo Alto, California, and a few other cities in the South Bay.  My life includes adventures of living in Oregon for three years, San Francisco/Marin for six, Alaska for seven, and several trips to Europe.  Those adventures allowed me to meet many new people and exposed me to various cultures, ethnicities, and ways of life around the world. My passions include (but are not limited to), health and nutrition, emotional well-being and balance, environmental stewardship,
artistic expression, literacy, music, and dance. I strive to incorporate humor in as many situations as possible as I have a very strong belief in the power of laughter!

My experience with children began when my mother added my sister and brother, nine and ten years my junior, to the family. I loved being their caretaker for many years to follow and subsequently became a very busy neighborhood babysitter. Later in life I would become a youth counselor for seven years in various capacities for K-12 children. While in Alaska I ran my own classroom for three years for special education services. Upon returning to California, I found an amazing nanny position in Palo Alto. I had the joy of working with two incredible parents and their children, a girl age one, and a boy age three, for several years. I found that job to be a pinnacle of my life and was forever changed and grateful for the experience. I’m currently working as a substitute teacher for kindergarten and seeking another child rearing adventure!

Thank you and I look forward to meeting your family!