Julieta M.

Hello, my name is Julieta. I am from Roseville, California, born and raised. I consider myself to be a down to earth, caring, fun individual. My first experience with children was as an after-school tutor for a local elementary in high school.  I enjoyed the experience more than I anticipated and continued volunteering and supporting throughout my first year of college. I became a summer nanny during college and then a full-time nanny. I was responsible for the care of two children, ages 4 and 6. I stayed with this family for a total of 5 years. My favorite part about working with children is their excitement for life. I enjoy seeing their growth and love encouraging them through their challenges. My favorite activities include outdoor games such as scavenger hunts, sports, nature activities, involving children with cooking/baking, arts and crafts, and board games. 

I currently sub and translate for our local districts as I work on completing the last units of my school counseling Masters’ program. I am experienced in incorporating education and play and understand the importance of early education and emotional development (my BA is in Spanish & Communication). Additional experience working with children has come from volunteering and four years as a community liaison at an elementary school. Where I supported bilingual students with their English language acquisition—working hand in hand with teachers and families to bridge the communication gaps between home and school.