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November 1, 2023<br />
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Kathryn K.

During my undergraduate years at Davis I realized that I loved working with children and wanted to be a life-long learner myself and inspire families and children to learn, grow and be the healthiest versions of themselves. I also love art and creativity so I majored in Art History and minored in Education and Child Psychology. I then attended USF and earned my California Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential.  

From here I have always worked with children and families. It is my passion. I’ve taught everything from Preschool at Trinity in San Rafael, to substitute teaching for San Rafael and Dixie School Districts, to teaching Math to Fourth- and Fifth-graders at Glenwood Elementary. I taught Art for two years, worked in Resourse pushing in and pulling out at Glenwood Elementary. 

I am a voracious reader and I love math which led me to become a tutor for a company and then I started a tutoring business of my own. I was afforded the opportunity to build and enrich skills of many students over the years, catering to elementary-aged children in both private and public schools throughout Marin County.

One of my children was effected by a severe food allergy and so I obtained my Nutrition Counselor diploma from Bauman School of Holistic Nutrition. I was able to work with and coach families on how to cook and plan healthy meals. At my last school position at Marin Montessori, I helped children plan for, shop and create amazing meals for special events. 

Other things I am passionate about and have taught over the years is the love of gardening and nature and  Zumba dance and dance fitness at the Marin YMCA and privately to families. 

I love feeling like I am helping children and families through my many interests and passions. I would tell parents that I could teach their student by way of something that interests them and the students would end up learning multiplication through their love of chickens! Something I leaned while nannying during college and then later in my career which was reinforced at Marin Montessori: 

“If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”