Leihanna M.

Hello! My name is Leihanna! That’s pronounced LAY-HA-NUH. I am 25 years old, born and raised in the military life so I had constantly moved around as a kid. My favorite place that I had lived and hope one day to go back is Okinawa, Japan.

Children have been such a light in my life, a passion in my heart. In my years working with children and helping them grow has always been such a wonderful and honoring experience. I always enjoyed coming up with fun lesson plans, crafts and STEM projects for the kids to enjoy. A main focus of mine that I incorporate in a lot of my lesson plans in the past was emotional literacy and communication. I find it incredibly important and helpful to not only help myself in communicating with them, but also to implement it in their own life outside of me.

There are too many wonderful memories to recall in the years I had my kiddos, but every single one I can remember, always put a smile on my face.