Lena G.

I have always loved being around children. I became a Paraprofessional and Behavorial Specialist over 20 years ago, working with children in Pre K to 18 years of age. But my greatest accomplishment is raising my 4 amazing children, two boys and 1 girl.  They are now fully grown and moved out of my home.

Throughout my career as a Paraprofessional and Behavorial Specialist, I’ve worked with at risk youth, special needs children, and young adults in the Juvinelle Penal System.  Worked alongside classroom teacher, with at risk youth, implementing IEP goals while promoting an emotionally healthy and secure learning environment.  Over the years, I’ve assisted Classroom teachers, worked one on one, small groups, or travelled to the children’s homes.  I’ve helped young adults in earning their academic credits and acheive their goals.  

Since the pandemic, I’ve started nannying as I was looking forward to a career change.   I still have a passion for children and learning and enjoy spending time in outdoors.