Mabel A.

Hello! My name is Mabel , currently living in Santa Rosa but I am originally from Uganda in East Africa. I am the eldest among six children and I grew up surrounded by my younger step brothers and sisters as well as my cousins. Being the eldest held responsibilities of looking after my siblings while my parents owned and worked at a school back home, however through these experiences I have always loved being around children and caregiving has always been a part of my life. When moving and living in the Uk (London ) in 1996 – 2016 after studies I started working with kids in 2000 , then becoming a parent with my first child and in 2004 had twins which I raised by myself. From then I qualified as a childcare worker then went on to work in a private preschool for 6 years. Throughout the past 20 years of living there and working with children I have gained a passion for providing them with a safe, loving and nurturing environment. 

Because of I have well-developed communication skills towards parents, and all children and all members of multi-professional teams, my skills allow people to know me for my bubbly and energetic personality , whilst also being patient , reliable, supportive and a responsible individual , who always comes around with a smile on my face. Moving to America has provided me with many opportunities one of them being looking after my nephew and nursing my niece since she was born, throughout the pandemic I nurtured , created fun activities for them by using recycling, playing outside with sand, practicing sports skills like baseball and by the time she was all grown up to go to school she knew very many motor skills and was the best at drawing, I have always gravitated towards kids and making sure they are having a fun time in environments where they may feel neglected, like family events where people don’t pay attention to the kids enough.

I am a qualified nurse but I find it more fulfilling and happier to care for children. I love working with children, caring and willing to work hard and also able to undertake any continuous professional development necessary. I am an organized and professional, qualified nurse and have accomplished NVQ level 2 in childcare seeking to gain more experience in this profession. I am confident that I have the skills and experience necessary to be an excellent and effective childcare provider.