Margaret K.

Hi!  My name is Margaret Koval and I am currently taking a break from college due to the pandemic.  During this time, I am more than capable and comfortable to help children with their remote learning and online classes. I was a teacher’s aid for sixth graders, which implemented E-Learning through laptops and that has taught me how to guide students on the computer.  

I have been working with children of all ages from infants to young teenagers for about 10 years before pursuing my own schooling.  I enjoy working with children especially under 10 years old because their imagination continues to soar and teaching them skills and ideals while playing is a very rewarding feat.  I do love seeing children ages 10-13 find themselves though and learn their own attitudes towards the world which is a learning experience for everyone.

I am an outdoors person, so I enjoy doing hikes, playing sports, and running outside, and can implement that into playing and exercising with children.  I am pet friendly and am able to fulfill house cleaning duties as well from my experience as a petsitter and housesitter for a few years.