Marilia B.

Hello, my name is Marília, I’m Brazilian and I live in Larkspur with my husband and two daughters aged 14 and 21. My English is intermediate and I have been working to improve my vocabulary and conversation.

I started working with children in a daycare center where I stayed for 3 weeks as a temporary position. My main duties were to cook, help with changing diapers, accompany the children during their naps and play with them.  I currently work with two different families in the morning.  

I like to understand how the family deals with children and work in the same way as the parents so that there are no conflicts. Even though I’m already a mother, I like reading articles about each age group to be able to relate better to children of different ages.

One of the activities I like to do by hand is confectionery, cooking, and organizing and I like to share this with the children.