Marisol F.

Hello my name is Marisol Fregoso.  Since a young age, I’ve always had a passion for working/relationships with young adolescents as I come from a large family.  I had pursued a career in working and relationships with individuals, both young and elderly with love and sincere commitment to helping/assisting others when needed.

Throughout my career, I have dictated my time, and resources and have gone above and for clients/patients as I have continued to do so.

In 2007,  I began working as a Nanny for an 11-year-old girl with a module (ASD) autism spectrum disorder.  I followed by working with children between the age groups 6 months to 22 years old throughout the agencies that introduced me to non-verbal children.  My passion continued to grow to where I am currently working at Marin County Unified School District.  I currently maintain a 1:1 teacher-aide assistant role which I’m working on in special day classes.  I can interface with individuals on all levels and effectively create a positive impact on those around me.I have been able to obtain my certificate for CPR, First Aid, RBT.  I can provide nutritionist meal preparation.  My hobbies and passions include cooking, crafts, and music. I enjoy spending time outdoors as I believe it increases physical and mental health. Safety is my main priority. I’m also a Spanish fluent speaker.

Looking forward to connecting with you and making life a bit smoother for you and your loved ones.