Michelle K.

Hello! My name is Michelle and I’m from Napa, California. I first developed my interest in child development in high school, where I began nannying for various families in my hometown. In 2016, I received my BA in Communication Disorders from Chico State and have since performed roles including assistant teaching, therapy, and student coaching.

I am currently in my final year of my Master’s in Speech Pathology, and I’ve been lucky enough to live in my hometown while undergoing the most adventurous experience of my life. Throughout this process, I’ve completed a total of six clinical practicums collaborating with families and professionals. I’ve provided services at preschools, hospitals, elementary schools, and in homes. I have learned more from this field than I ever knew was possible, and I believe that healthy language exposure for all children is a critical and productive factor that we can apply in any setting, especially when nannying.

Getting children motivated and encouraged to learn is one of my strongest areas. I look forward to meeting you and your family!