Nina B.

 Hello, my name is Nina and I am the mother of two boys. I am a registered ER nurse by trade but first and foremost was Blessed to be a stay-at-home Mom for over 10 years! I loved and embraced every precious moment of that time at home with my children and would love and cherish the opportunity to do this once again with your family!

While at home with my boys I was a classroom volunteer, accompanied them on field trips, enjoyed and participated in story time, and was a lunchroom monitor. After school, I met all the children at the bus stop each day and was able to provide care for children in my neighborhood. I assisted them with homework assignments, and kept them busy with lots of fun learning activities in addition to arts and crafts plus outdoor playtime in the park, playground and neighborhood pool. I was even able to do 2 years of full-time homeschooling.

My boys are extremely active and have played soccer, basketball, football, been on swimming teams, both took taekwondo lessons and ran on track and cross country. My oldest son plays the trumpet and my youngest son plays the guitar and bass. I love cooking and have included them in the kitchen as much as possible hoping that they too will learn to love it! We also enjoy hiking, backpacking and camping. We love to travel for pleasure but have also enjoyed volunteering on Mission trips to Haiti, The Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. I have also volunteered as a nurse with the Red Cross.

In addition to my hands on experience as a mother I have been professionally educated and trained in childhood development and had the amazing opportunity to work in a daycare center with children from 2 months through 2 years of age, while in nursing school. I absolutely loved caring for the children at this age! I even became a personal babysitter for two families at that center.

Children are our biggest Blessing and every day is a wonderful opportunity to be a positive influence in their precious lives!