Pati S.

I’ll be your Mary Poppins.

Children are fascinating and ever-changing.

As the oldest of 2 sisters and 5 brothers, and my own 2 children, I learned each child is an individual.  I loved taking them (NOT all at once) on adventures:  baths in the sink, learn to swim,  play on jungle gyms, read stories, create art, blow bubbles, face paint, hula hoops, building blocks and legos.  It was fascinating and sometimes frustrating to see each child develop differently as he/she grew older.

I adore reading and believe books can inspire.  When I mentored numerous children (ages 5-12) at the Oakland Boys and Girls Clubs, and their grammar school, each child’s interests and ability directed the reading material.  A favorite beginning book was “A Fly Went By.”  A child’s sense of accomplishment in reading aloud this 72 page chase book was a sight to behold!