Riley M.


Hi there! I’m Riley, and I am looking for my next adventure with a wonderful family! Since 2016, nannying has been a huge part of my life!   I grew up in a private school with 20 children, with all school ages and grades from preschool to high school. Meaning growing up, you assisted with children that had special needs and helping with online classes, as well as managing the school weekly board for activities, fundraisers, and field trips. So you could say I was raised being a teacher’s assistant. I was in private school for preschool to high school. 

My favorite part about being a nanny is being able to go to the park, create awesome, fun crafts and projects, and fingerpaint!  I love to go on adventures, bake cookies, sing and strum engaging songs on my guitar and play imaginary games about power rangers or ninja turtles! There is also nothing more exciting than building a fort in the living room.  Needless to say, I love to have fun, and your children should have fun with their nanny! I love to be a team player, as well as a nanny that becomes a part of your family.

I have experience with zoom classes that can sometimes make your child snore, but I love to put my own spin on them to help them stay focused.  I love to create Humpty Dumpty into a sandwich, as well as make pinwheel veggie trays, meal prep is always a hoot!  Listening to sing-alongs while doing laundry and making beds has always been my favorite way to get a laugh out of children during chore time, and then, they either start helping or sit giggling in the corner!  I love to take children on bicycle rides, day trips to the zoo, mini road trips to the ocean or museums (when there isn’t a pandemic), Also, I am a HUGE Disney fanatic and there isn’t one movie I haven’t seen that is Disney! If you want a nanny who has dad jokes for days, makes your children laugh uncontrollably, and loves to go on outdoor adventures, I could be your girl! I want to find a family that I can grow with for years to come, buy birthday presents for, and show how much love I have to give.

• CPR/First Aid Certified
• 5 years of Nanny Experience