Stacy K.

My family is from Great Britain. My mum went back to Jamaica and there I was born. I speak the native language, Creole and English.  I moved to America when I was 24 years old and went to College of Marin for the dental assistant program which I completed and I’m a licensed dental assistant.   I began working as a professional pediatric dental assistant and noticed that I had a love for children and went to establish myself in the field of working with families one on one.

I went back to College of Marin and got my certification in early childhood education and become a Professional Nanny.  With all my experience working with children and having a child of my own, giving him a  structured life from elementary all the way to Branson High School, let me know as a mother I can share that integrity and confident with other parents.  My son is now a college graduate and I enjoy sharing my spare time with helping other families care for their children.   I am a responsible, trustworthy, reliable and professional in my career.