Stefani O.

Hi.  My name is Stefani.  I am a 27 year old mother to two daughters aged 8 and 1.   I started in Child Development with a class my high school offered my freshman year and I fell in love.   After high school I started taking classes at our community college and while in my Creative Activities class, got to announce I was pregnant with my oldest.   Since then I continued learning with classes and trainings in Trauma informed care and developmental learning.   I began working in a classroom from 2018-2021 with children aged 1.5-6.   

In 2021, I pivoted and tried a career in Social Work supervising visitations for children who had been removed from a parent.  This is a very hard job and I respect every person in that field as it is mentally and physically draining. I loved my time helping these families but when I found myself commuting an hour and a half each way and pregnant with my second child, they were very understanding on accepting my resignation.

After having my youngest child in 2022,  I happily accepted a position at a center where my daughter could too attend.  I quickly moved up from Assistant Teacher to Lead Teacher, to Health and Safety Coordinator, to Third in Charge (a real title).  I now proudly plan monthly drills in Earthquake, Fire and Active Shooter preparedness.  I do monthly/weekly/daily inspections and create reports stating my findings.  I also still get to curate curriculum and classroom enhancement for the children in my care.  I have always loved caring for a enriching children’s development in any way that THEY need.