Taryn O.

Hi there, my name is Taryn!  I am a Sonoma County native and love exploring all that it has to offer. I currently reside in Vacaville Ca on 2.5 acres with goats, chickens, cats and an abundance of deer! Alongside watching children grow and learn, boating, hiking, and painting are a few of my favorite things!

After I graduated highschool I started college to become a Sociology major, during that time is when I found my true passion for children and steered my career path to becoming an ECE teacher. For the past 10 years, I have worked as either a teacher in a school setting or a nanny in a private setting. Being a teacher is the most wonderful feeling, not because I get to teach but because the children teach me.

My experience with children ranges from newborn to early teens, along with working with special needs and multi child families. It is hard for me to pick a favorite age but I do love ages 6 and under as their imagination is still blooming and their curiosity is ever growing.

Childcare to me is a privilege, a privilege to share time with someone’s child and help them navigate the simple ways of life. I love to read, teach sign language, engage in sensory activities, do puzzles and watch them express themselves through art. I believe the knowledge that a young mind has is far beyond the mind of any other and we can learn a lot from them.