Traci T.

After years of working as a professional nanny, family/household assistant, cook, and pet caretaker.  I am aware that caring for children is much more than just the children.   My job is to keep the children I care for safe, healthy, and well balanced emotionally, physically, and mentally.  Working in private homes with families takes collaboration and exceptional communication with the parents to help guide and raise happy, respectful children.   Working well alongside the parents is just as important as working well with the children.  It takes knowing how to read a room and knowing when to step in and step out. It takes creating healthy boundaries with the children and the parents. 

I am a dedicated nanny that has worked with all ages with most of my experience and expertise being with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  I enjoy working with children of every age for various reasons.  I have always been fascinated with child development.  I have taken early childhood education classes, numerous nanny workshops, positive parenting classes, infant/toddler development courses, and I am a certified newborn care specialist.  I thrive in a position where the children and I are doing creative activities (a 5 year old I built a lean to in her yard), being out in nature, going on adventures or just being at home reading, singing, being silly, and doing what each child enjoys and brings them happiness.